Powerful Hydration for Dry Lips

Not Your Average Lip Balm

Our product works totally different! Its proprietary formula delivers 5 powerful and effective ingredients, using the highest quality humectants and lipids to keep you hydrated up to 4 hours without the need to reapply.

LIPSMART reverses the signs of aging on your lips and relieves dry lip concerns through a breakthrough ingredient delivery system that boosts the skins natural regenerative cycle and helps skin look and feel as it did when it was younger. LIPSMART provides a rapid, visible and dramatically powerful moisture-restoring effect.

Key Benefits

Visible Results in 60 Seconds

Medical Grade Hydration

Specially formulated for sensitive skin

Diminishes fine lines, cracks and flaking

Long lasting relief for tightness and dryness


1 Our innovative Hydrating Technology has high quality humectants and lipids to keep you hydrated longer, slowing down moisture loss, which allows the lips to appear fuller, filling out deflation, fine lines, and cracks.

2 Along with the 5 powerful actives, the bioactive fruit extracts nourish, brighten, and soften the skin, while also maintaining elasticity. Together, they all work synergistically.

3 Seals in the moisture, preventing water molecules from evaporating.

Ceramides & Glycolipids – Seal in moisture and prevent water molecules from evaporating.

Phytokine- A natural soy protein, actively supports collagen & restores hydration, rejuvenating the lips.

Biomimetic peptides- Boost hyaluronic acid & collagen, stimulating protein synthesis.

BioActive Fruit Extract Blend- Naturally nourishes, brightens, softens, and promotes optimal skin health.

Tribehenin- A plant-derived conditioner, revives the skin & locks in hydration for lasting results.